About 3on3 London



Coaches and Parents;

Our roster ranking system is what sets our league apart from all others.

This roster ranking system allows the league to properly balance (as much as possible) the teams and divisions based on three standard categories for players , with a fourth coaches variance that coaches provide.

The categories used for the players are age, level of play this past hockey season and gender.

The point system is as follows:

Age - Scores from 0 - 12.
0 points for first year Tyke, up to 12 for midget aged players

Level of play - Ranking from HL to AAA

1 - House League
3 - AE or MD - House league select
5 - A , Girls BB - Travel team
7 - AA
10 - AAA

Gender : Gender category is added for players 10 years old or more - 1 for female, 2 for male

The 4th category; coaches variance, allows the coaches input into where they believe the team should be ranked within the other categories. It is a scale from 0 - 15 the coach adds to the roster using their best judgment on the teams overall positioning and overall intensity level.

As an example if your team is a group of what you consider to be the best houseleague players in your league you would add a score of 10 - 15. Or if your a group of A level players that just finished a 30 game season with only 5 wins you might score you team a 0 - 5.

This team category will be particularly useful in tyke where all teams will have basically the same rating ; but the coaches variance will help seed the team. So if you have the top tyke players from your area and you want to ensure they are tested you would score your team a 15. If your tyke team is all first year players you would score your team a 0.

When registration closes the entire league will be seeded from lowest ranking to highest and divided into 6 team divisions. Each team will play the other 5 teams in the division twice.

In extreme cases teams will be asked to move to another division and the teams involved will exchange remaining schedules.